Subject Verb Agreement



You are going to work with a team of five classmates

The project involves creating an account at  quia - https://www.quia.com/web

You have three days to complete the project

Work in teams of 5 to create an objective type exercise 

Once complete, share the link with the instructor

Roles for group work* 

Team Leader: Relates the task, verifies roles, and facilitates colleagues participation in doing the tasks till the completion of the project to share the link with the instructor

Manager: Keeps track of time and the reliability of the online sources of information

Director: Checks in with the teacher and / helps in designing the online exercise by creating an account @  https://www.quia.com/newuser.html

Recorder: Records teamís scheduled meetings minutes and cross checks  the questions and answers to standardise by making corrections if needed.

 Presenter: Makes presentation to the class on the task that was developed  

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