The Meaning Behind Your Concert Music - Composers and Inspiration



Assignment 1:

Directions:  Choose two of your concert pieces from the list below.  Follow the link to listen to a recording.  You may use each movement of "Simple Gifts" as one piece(for example, you could choose movement three and another piece). 

1. "Ammerland" by Jacob De Haan
2. "Simple Gifts - Four Shaker Songs" by Frank Ticheli
3. "A Klezmer Karnival" by Phillip Sparke
4. "Earthdance" by Michael Sweeney

As you listen, fill out a separate Listening Lab worksheet for each piece.  The worksheet is attached below.  Read the directions carefully.

Assignment 2: 

Directions: Write a two page report on only ONE of the pieces and composers you researched.  
Your report should include:
  • Important information about the composer (birth/death, education, family, hobbies, musical specialties, etc.).
  • A brief summary of the musical happenings within the piece that you should expect to hear if you've never heard the piece before.
  • What inspired the composer to write this piece.
  • Your own personal opinions about the piece's meaning (whether it is similar to the composer's original intent, or something completely different).  

Assignment 3: 

Form a group with classmates to discuss the piece on which you wrote your paper.  Decide what the most important points you each found in your research.  Then, write a concise statement you could present to the audience at our concert that would effectively introduce the piece.  When writing, keep in mind the "effect" you want to have on our audience musically.  What words can help (or hinder) this effect?  Choose what you'd like to say carefully!


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