Story Elements



The goal is for you to be able to better understand stories by learning about story elements. First, you will watch a YouTube video that puts story elements into a song, and then you will read Chrysanthemum. Then, you will pretend that you are going to write a story and you will choose what story elements you would write about.

 1) Watch the YouTube video on Story Elements.
2) Read the story Chrysanthemum.
3) Mark the story elements with your sticky notes. 
4) Share with your shoulder partner the story elements that you found. 
5) Type your story elements into the file uploaded below.

The YouTube video on Story Elements:

Grab a copy of the book Chrysanthemum, and the teacher will pass out six sticky notes.


  • My Own Story Elements
    Description: Click on the file to open it, and double click on each box to type your own story elements. Raise your hand when you are finished and the teacher will come around to see your creative story elements!

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