Sowing Seeds Sparks New Life



Below is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the research necessary for this lesson in your assigned groups.

Phase One:
 To start off the lesson, your group will be given a list of questions to answer and a few websites I have found useful in obtaining information on Milkweed. The time allotted for phase one research is 10-15 minutes. Each group will be working at a computer to gather as much information as possible!

Your job is to answer the questions using the information you have obtained, allowing you to better understand how this important plant helps the environment!

Your 5 questions are:
1. What is Milkweed and what types of insects does it attract?
2. What purpose do these specific insects have in a garden setting?
3. What types of growing conditions does Milkweed flourish in?
4. How will you sow your seedlings?
5. How long will it take your seedling to reach maturity?

Below are a list of approved websites for you to surf for your information 
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepias
  • http://www.ourhabitatgarden.org/creatures/milkweed-growing.html
  • http://www.floridanativenurseries.org/info/why-plant-native/save-our-monarchs-plant-native-milkweed/
  • http://foragersharvest.com/milkweed-a-truly-remarkable-wild-vegetable/
  • http://www.livemonarch.com/growinginstructions.htm
  • http://monarchlab.org/biology-and-research/monarch-rearing/finding-collecting-and-growing-milkweed/
  • http://floridayards.org

 Phase Two: 
In this phase of the lesson, you will use the information you have gathered to write up a brief explanation of how you will care for your Milkweed seedling as it is growing, and what role it will play in our native Habitat Garden! The amount of time allotted for this phase is 10-15 minutes.
Work together with your peers and devise a plan of action you will share with your fellow classmates. Remember, you need to make sure to have a basic understanding of how to sow your Milkweed seeds, as that is what we will do to conclude this lesson!

Phase Three:
Now is the time you will gather the materials you need in order to sow your seeds. I have provided many options for you, located on the craft table in the back of our room.
Retrieve all of your supplies and head back to your work area to sow your seedlings!
Each group has been provided with 6 seedlings to plant! The amount of time allotted for this phase is 10 minutes.

Once planted, clean up your area and wait quietly for the remainder of the class to finish. Once everyone is done, we will begin sharing, group by group, the findings of our research!

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