• Your task is to find as much information about the follow topics & vividly explain the role that they played during the Holocaust. 
  • Gather pictures, create poster boards & answer all questions using the websites listed below titled (Adolph Hitler, German Jews, Concentration Camp Information, Groups Affected)
  • Analyze and discuss roles with group members 

Task #1 "Adolph Hitler"
  1.   Who is Adolf Hitler?
  2.   How long was he the dictator of Nazi, Germany?
  3.   What was Hitler doing after he returned to Munich and who was he monitoring?
  4.   What event in Germany provided a political opportunity for Hitler?
  5.   What year was Hitler named "Time Magazine Man Of The Year"?

Task #2 "Jews"
  1.   How many Jews emigrated during the first six years of the Nazi dictatorship?
  2.   How where Jews identified?
  3.   In 1939 what new restrictions where placed on the Jews remaining in Germany?
  4.   What was the name of the killing center majority of the Jews where deported to?
  5.   What classified you as a Mischlinge? Define as well

Task #3  "Concentration Camps" 
  1.  Who decided to create the concentration camps?
  2.  Which was the first concentration camp?
  3.  When were the concentration camps discovered?
  4.  How many victims died in the concentration camps?
  5.  Which concentration camp had the most causalities? 

Task #4  "People Affected" 
  1.  How many victims where non Jews?
  2.  Why did Hitler kill 11 million people?
  3.  Most of the remaining victims where from which other countries?
  4.  What type of marriage's where not allowed under the Hitler's rein?
  5.  How were the disabled viewed & treated?


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