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Task 1

In this project you are going to work in groups. Use the English language as much as you can when you are speaking and writing! During this project, you will search and value different sources and become experts of the Baltic Sea situation. You will have different roles for task 1: Secretary (the one who is writing), President (the one who makes sure that everyone in the group will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute).
The roles will be shifting from section to section.

First of all, you are going to read a short text about the Baltic Sea:
http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/where_we_work/baltic/ . In pairs, you will discuss the text and write down three things that you find important or interesting. You will use it do discuss it further in your group. As far as possible, you are going to write and speak in English.

Second-pollution and over fertilization. You are going to be divided into four groups. Then you will watch these two videos: https://vimeo.com/23688155/ and https://vimeo.com/23688236/ . Then you are going to read about how the pollution started and the role of over fertilization. You will find the texts here: https://www.havochvatten.se/hav/fiske--fritid/miljohot/overgodning.html and
http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/where_we_work/baltic/threats/ .

Discuss with your group:

1. What is over fertilization?
2. What damages are caused of over fertilization?
3. Where does the fertilization come from?

Discuss the video and texts and create a mindmap of the infirmation that you find important.

Third-toxins. You are going to read about different toxins that are one of several reasons of the pollution of the Baltic Sea. You find the texts here: http://www.havet.nu/?d=32 and http://miljoforskning.formas.se/sv/Nummer/December-2003/Innehall/Tema/Overgodning-fiske-och-gifter-hotar-Ostersjon/ and http://www.naturvardsverket.se/Sa-mar-miljon/Vatten/Miljofarliga-amnen-i-havet/ and http://www.vattenmyndigheterna.se/Sv/bottenviken/beslut-fp/miljoproblem/Pages/miljogifter.aspx.

Create a mindmap with your group and collect what you find important to know about the subject.

Fourth-marine litter. You are going to watch a clip with your group about how people used to throw their litter in the Baltic Sea for many years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t03saJVFkv4 . After you've seen the clip, discuss with your group:

1. How would you react if you saw people behave like this?
2. Do you think it is allowed to throw your trash in the Sea?
3. What do you think is the danger with throwing trash in the Sea?

After you've watched the clip, you are going to read a text about littering in the Baltic Sea. Read the text in the upper green box, you find the text here: http://www.helsinki.fi/henvi/societalinteraction/Pdf/HENVI%20policy%20brief%20_final.pdf

Discuss with your group:

1. What is microplastics?
2. What is the danger with microplastics?
3. Where does the microplastics come from?

After you've discussed the text you shall watch with this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvbOCQWVW_E&feature=youtu.be . If you want to see more clips, please scroll down to the three YouTube clips below.

Discuss with your group:

1. What type of litter is most common in the Sea?
2. How does the litter travels from land to water?
3. How can humans be responsible for littering in the Baltic Sea without throwing trash in the water?

Create a mindmap with your group and collect what you find important to know about the subject.

. You are going to read three texts and watch a clip about overfishing. You find the texts here: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/where_we_work/baltic/threats/fishing/  ,  http://www.wwf.se/1133386-fiske and http://www.havet.nu/?d=33 . You find the clip here: http://www.fiskejournalen.se/bra-film-om-overfiske-2/ .

Discuss with your group:

1. Why should humans not overfish?
2. How can we be a part of saving the fish?
3. What species are most endangered?
4. What will happend in the future if humans continue to overfishing?
5. How can you know if it okey to buy a fish in the store?

Create a mindmap with your group and collect what you find important to know about the subject.

Sixth-shipping pollution. you are now going to read the last part of task 1. You will soon have enough knowledge to create your news report. You are going to watch a clip with your group about shipping pollution. You find the clip here: http://www.saveourbalticsea.com/index.php/tv-a-film/shipping-pollution .
After you've watched the clip, you are going to read a text about shipping pollution. You find the text here: http://www.wwf.se/vrt-arbete/hav-och-fiske/rdda-stersjn/sjfart/1133433-sjfart
Discuss with your group:

1.How does the ships affect the Baltic Sea?
2. How does the ships affect humans and sealife?
3. Where is it allowed to dump the waste?

Create a mindmap with your group and collect what you find important to know about the subject.

Create a news report (movie)!

Now you have enough knowledge to complete task 1. Your mission is to create a movie which shall be a news report. The movie is going to be about the situation in the Baltic Sea. The purpose is to inform others of what is happening in the Baltic Sea and how it affects humanity and sealife. Remember, your movie can inspire others to make a change for the Baltic Sea. Search for 'news report' on youtube.com as an inspiration of how a news report can look like.

Select three categories (pollution, toxins, marine litter, overfishing or shipping pollution) that you want to present in your news report.
Then you will write a manuscript for your news report. When writing your manuscript, your mindmaps will be useful as a reminder of what you've been learning.
When you are done with your manuscripts, handle it in for feedback.

Now it's time to shoot! Use your imagination an creativity to inform and inspire other people to make a change for the Baltic Sea.

Task 2. Flyer

You are going to create a flyer. The purpose of the flyer is to spread the information about what people can do to save the Baltice Sea and make a change.
In the flyer, you are going to write a short text where you summarize what is happening with the Baltic Sea and what it is that causes the damage. Then you will search for solutions of what we can do to help the Baltic Sea. The flyer shall include at least five solutions.
When you are done, please handle it in to me for feedback!
Please deliver your flyers to mailboxes in our neighborhood.
The summer is coming, and the beaches will be crowded. It is a perfect opportunity to spread information about what all people can do to make a change.

The size of the flyer shall be the size of an A4 paper.
Use your creativity to make your flyer as inviting and understandable as possible.

You find different solutions in these texts:



http://www.wwf.se/insamlingsportal/fadder/stersjfadder/1465101-stersj-start-b?utm  -"mer för Östersjön"



Trash talk- what is marine debris
Trash talk- impacts of marine debris
What is marine debris?

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