1. The first thing you will do is explore these websites. They have games, coloring pages, sounds, and other activities on them. I want you to visit them and learn about different animals you would find on a farm.

2. You will be asked to print off 2 activities of the next ones and complete them. These can be kept in your cubbies so that you do not lose them.

3. Next, you will be asked to read 2-3 of the following books from the list.  These books are available in our classroom library to check out nightly.

  • The Rusty, Trusty Tractor
  • Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack
  • Farmers Duck
  • The Milk Makers
  • Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
  • Mrs. Potter’s Pig
  • Farm Tales
  • Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Farm
  • Wooly Sheep and Hungry Goats
  • All Pigs are Beautiful

4. Then you will start to make your pages.  In the art center, you will find additional art supplies such as crayons, markers, construction paper, scissors, glue, feathers, tissue paper, and colored pencils to create your page.  You can use ideas from the websites and the books you read to make your page.  On the bottom of your page, I want you to write 2 sentences about your animal that you would like to share with the class.  Remember to have fun and be creative. 

5. On Friday, we will put our book together as a class.  After it is constructed, we will each read our page that we made. 


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