lets watch the video with Emily first called "The monster in the forest"

Next, you will read the lyrics to our wonderful video.  You will highlight the adjectives and underline the nouns.You will need to print out a copy of this page - See below:  Lyrics.  You can then look at the other page - See below :  Lyrics-answers, and see if you did it correctly.

 When you have done that,you will look at a fruit you ate on your adventure and use 5 adjective to describe how it looks, feels, and tastes.  There is a chart for you to print out and use.  See below site: describing your fruit.
Now, here is the individual biggie:  you will make short sentences about all the adjectives that you use described your fruit.

 Here's the sentence that I did:  "I ate a sweet, juicy, round orange.  It was delicious, refreshing, and enjoyable." 

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