Ordering in the restaurant in Spain



1. First thing you will need to do is look at "What do you know about Spain" worksheet. Take a look at the questions on the worksheet. Do you think you might know some of the answers?

2. It will be your mission to research in order to complete the worksheet as well as the next task by the end of the lesson. You will use the following websites as your resource to complete the worksheet. (All questions must be answered)

3. When you have finished the worksheet, please return them to me and move on the the fun activity that is the next task. 

4. You are required to form two teams (Team A and Team B) for the next activity, choose the type of restaurant, the name of the restaurant and the dishes to be served for the day. Create names that will describe the dish.

5. Each group will receive a handout to create menu cards (The menu card is for the waiter/waitress which will contain the dish, along with the ingredients). You will pretend that you recently open a restaurant and must create a menu card with creative cuisines typical of Spain. Crayons, Markers and other arts and craft items will be provided to you in order to decorate the cards. (Use the information from the task menu to assist with how the menu card should be done.) 

6. The next step is to role play by having each group assume the role of the waiter/ waitress and the customer. The customer will pretend that they are going to the restaurant. They should order their food and ask for the ingredients of the dishes and decide what they are going to have. (Each group will choose a waiter/waitress. The waiter of Group A, will serve all the B groups visiting its restaurant. You must carry out an interaction in the restaurant. This interaction can be recorded on video as a sign of oral language practice. 

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