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Learn the names of the seven continents and oceans and where each is located.
  • Visit Resource 1 and listen to the song about the continents and oceans.
    - This song is a great way to learn the names of the continents and oceans.
    - Listen to it as many times as you'd like.
    - See if you can remember the words.
    - Try singing it on your own after you've finished listening to it.

  • Visit Resource 2 which has an interactive map.
    - Click "Show all" to view the names of each continent and ocean.
    - Click "Show all" again to make the names of the continents and oceans disappear.
    - Point to and name as many continents and oceans as you can on the blank map.
    - Click "Show all" once more to see how you did.

  • Visit Resource 3 and play Copycat.
    - Click "START GAME" to begin.
    - As each continent flashes, click it.
    - It gets harder each as the game goes on.
    - See how good your memory is.

Learn about the climate (weather) of each continent.

  • Visit Resource 4 which has an interactive map.
    - "Restore Down" your screen (between - and + in top right of screen).
    - Select "Surface Temperature" above the map.
    - Scroll over the "Surface Temperature Regions" to the right of the map.
    - Notice the differences in temperature from continent to continent.

Learn about the animals that live on each continent.

  • Visit Resource 5, Animal Profiles.
    - Click on each continent - either the continent picture or the link.
    - Around the picture of the continent you select there will be names on animals. Click one.
    - Investigate the animal you choose. Go back and choose more if you'd like.
    - Which animal was your favorite? Why?

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