Let's talk about movies



Task1: Work in pairs. Talk about movies answering the questions below:

- What kind of movie did you watch last? What was your impression after watching the movie?

- What is your favorite movie? Talk to each other about your favorite movie.

Use the words below when answer the questions.

Task2: Watch the trailer of SING animation. Then share your feelings about this cartoon with your partner and guess what will happen in this cartoon.

Before talking watch the video lesson "Talk about movies". Press the link below;

Do role play as a group. You can perform a part of the cartoon which you liked most.
-Divide into 3 groups of 6 members. One team will perform for 5-8 minutes.

-Work in groups to do role play of the SING animation and rehearse together for a week.

-Act out role play to your classmates and teacher.

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