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You have been placed into a group with two other detectives.  Together, you must solve this argument!  Who is right, Sam or Kate?  But first, you must do some research...

Here are your group's roles.  Your teacher will assign each member of your group one of the following jobs.  

Job #1-Facilitator-You are responsible for reading the description of each activity, keeping your group on task, checking to make sure your group is recording accurate information, and asking questions to keep your group on track.

Job #2-Recorder-You are responsible for taking accurate notes, completing paperwork, keeping the information organized and in an easily found place, and making sure that you encourage your group members by staying positive.

Job #3-Summarizer- You are responsible for getting and turning in all documents, summarizing the information that the recorder is writing down, and watching the time that you have to complete this project to keep your group on task.  


Step 1:  If you are following your jobs correctly, the facilitator should be reading this to you right now.  Your first job as a team is to research different rock types.  There are three main groups of rocks.  Below, you will find links to each of the main types of rock.  As you are researching, you will need to keep track of your information on the rock chart that Mrs. Siebert has given to the summarizer.  When you are finished, the summarizer needs to keep this chart until the end of the project without losing it.  

Sedimentary Rocks                  Igneous Rocks                      Metamorphic Rocks

    Rock Hounds                                     Rock Hounds                                       Rock Hounds

    Koday's Kids                                   Koday's Kids                                    Rocks and Minerals

 Rocks and Minerals                          Rocks and Minerals                                    Pictures

      Pictures                                           Pictures

All 3 Types of Rocks:  Types of Rocks 

Step 2:  Your next task as a rock detective is to learn about the rock cycle.  Like most things in life, rocks have a cycle that happens over and over again.  Read through the information on the websites below to learn about it.

  • Interactives:  The Rock Cycle
  • Exploring Earth:  The Rock Cycle
  • Earth Floor Cycles
  • The Rock Cycle
Now that you know about the rock cycle, you must draw a diagram of it.  Your diagram should include colored pictures and labels.  When you are finished with your diagram, your group will write a paragraph on the back of the diagram explaining what happens in the rock cycle.  The summarizer will keep the diagram until the end of the project.  

Step 3: Once your rock cycle diagram and paragraph are complete, your group will watch an interactive movie about the rock cycle.  Each member of the group will watch and interact with this movie on their own.  When you are finished with the movie, you will come together with your group and discuss if you need to add anything to your Rock Chart or diagram.  

Interactive Rock Movie

Step 4:  You are so close to figuring out who was right!  Your next step as detectives is to learn about fossils and how they are made.  To do this, research fossils using the websites below.  The recorder should take any important information and write it down.  

  • Fossil Facts
  • What are fossils?
  • One Geology
  • Fossil Facts for Kids
Once you and your team have gathered enough facts about fossils, you must create an acrostic poem about them.  The letters to spell out fossils should appear in capital letters going down the page.  Each letter should have a sentence starting with that letter.  You can sneak in up to three letters in front of the capital letter if you have a hard time thinking of anything to begin with that letter.  When you are finished writing your acrostic poem, you will need to color only the capital letters spelling out the word fossils.  The summarizer will keep the poem until the end of the project.  

Step 5:  This is your last piece before your final project!  Your group will watch a movie about the rock cycle independently.  When you are finished watching the movie, your group will brainstorm ideas of different objects or food items that could be used to represent each type of rock.  Your recorder will keep track of everyone's ideas by listing them on paper.

Rock Cycle Movie

Final Project:  Put it all together!!!  You and your group will choose a way to represent each type of rock in the rock cycle by using food or an item.  Look over the list that you have created already.  Discuss if any group member has any new ideas to add to it.  Decide on which item or food you like the best to represent each type of rock in the rock cycle.  Once you have made your choice, you will create a PowerPoint presentation about it.  

  • First, you will open PowerPoint, which is located under Microsoft Office under the all programs tab.  
  • Once this program is open, you will select blank presentation.
  • You will now see a title screen.  This is where you will write a title for your project.  You must also include the authors of this PowerPoint or names of your group members.  Then select pictures, background, a font, and a color that you like.  
  • Once this first slide is done, you will click on new slide at the top of the screen and select a layout that you like. Make sure you click on the drop down arrow next to new slide to make a choice.  Otherwise, it will automatically select a layout for you.  (I would recommend the title and content slide.)
  •  On this new slide you will write the title of your first type of rock.  For example, if you are starting with sedimentary rock, that would be your title for this slide.  Then, you will find a picture of the item or food that your group decided to use to represent this type of rock and put it on the slide.  You will also write why this item or food represents the type of rock.  You should have at least 2-3 sentences explaining how what you chose represents the type of rock.  
  • When you are finished with this slide, you will again click on new slide and select a layout you like.  On this slide you will put the title of the next type of rock that you are doing.  Then, you will find a picture of the food or item that your group chose for this type of rock.  Again, you will write 2-3 sentences explaining how what you chose represents the type of rock.  Feel free to play with the background and font choices.
  • Next, click on new slide and select a layout that you like.  You will repeat the same steps above for your third and final type of rock.  
  • Once you are finished with each type of rock, you will click new slide and select a layout that you like  For this final slide, you will write about everything that you have learned from this project, including whether Sam or Kate was right.  You can make it a paragraph or a bulleted list.  A bulleted list would look like the steps I have made for you in this project.  It is just small dots in front of each new fact that you have learned.  Please add a background, font, and color of your choosing for this slide as well.  
  • When you are finished, be sure to save your project.  The name of your project should be your group name.  


  • Types of Rocks Chart
    Description: This is the chart to use with step one-researching the different types of rocks.

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