The HBCU - Past, Present & Future



You will work on a team with no more than four students.  Your team will need to complete five (5) steps over the course of four (4) days to complete this investigation.

At the end of this investigation you and your team will:
  • Complete a research log that will help you analyze and evaluate the evidence you gather from maps, articles and websites.
  • Use evidence to support a hypothesis as to the college Thomas attended.
  • Identify the challenges the founder of this HBCU encountered.
  • Present findings on the present status of this college or university. 
In addition to the research log, you will present your findings on a poster.  Please check the evaluation page of this web quest for further details on the culminating assessment.  Also, please check the rubric/checklist periodically to evaluate your work.  


Step One:

Your team will need to find the location of the eight (8) HBCUs in South Carolina listed below:

Allen University                            Bendict College       Claflin University      Clinton Junior College      Denmark Technical College                   

Morris College                             South Carolina State University                 Voorhees College

Step Two:

Your team will need to create a map of the eight  (8) HBCUs in South Carolina.

First, print a blank map of South Carolina.    

Second, correctly mark the location of the eight (8) HBCU's in South Carolina on your map and create a color-coded key.  

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view links/resources needed to complete this task. 

DAY 2 & DAY 3

Step Three:

Your team will need to analyze a present-day map of HBCUs in the United States of America.  

First, create a research log, using notebook paper.  Copy each of the questions below and  leave room for answers.  When complete, click on the link below to answer each question.  

Click on this link to view the article & map  - http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24572635.html


1.  What is the title of this article?

2.  Why do you think the author placed this map within this article? How does it help the reader?

3.  What source provided this map?

4.  How many HBCUs are there in the United States?

5.  What percentage of black teachers in the United States have graduated from HBCUs?

6.  South Carolina has 8 (eight) HBCU's. How many states does Georgia and North Carolina have?

7.  Which four states have the least amount of HBCUs? What can you infer?

8.  Which three states have the most HBCUs? What can you infer?

Step Four:

Your team will need to find out which schools would have been "close to home" for Thomas in Blackville, South Carolina. You have a total of eight (8) schools to find detailed information on for your research.  Luckily you work on a great team and you can divide up the work needed to easily complete this task.

First, divide up the work amongst your team.  This is a team effort. Each of you must do your share of the work, so each member must research at least two HBCUs, using the website links at the bottom of the screen. In the end, as a team, you must have completed research on all eight of the HBCUs.

Second, you will need to add more pages to your research log.  Write the names of the schools you have agreed to research for your team at the top of the paper. Then, copy each of the questions below and leave room for answers. Answers must be accurate and provide detailed information.  

Third,  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to view links/resources needed to complete this task. 


1.  What is the name of the school and when was it founded?

2.  Who founded this school?  

3.  Why was this school founded and what challenges were faced?

4.  Where is the school located in South Carolina?

5.  How far is this school from Blackville, SC?

6.  List three notable alumni (graduates) of this school or unique facts about this school. 

7.  How many undergraduate students attend this school today?

8.  Do you think Thomas went to this school?  Yes or No.

Remember, scroll down to the bottom of this page to read and use the on-line links/resources. You may also use alternative internet sites if needed. 


Step Five:

It's now time for your team to "crack the case". You and your team must analyze and evaluate the evidence you have gathered.  You will need to share with the class your hypothesis as to the college Thomas may have attended using a poster as a visual aid.  

Create a poster using words & images that will answer EACH of the following questions:

1.  Which colleges and/or universities were available to Thomas in SC during the year 1910?  

2.  What school do you believe he attended that was a four year college and "close to home"?  When was this college founded and why?  

3.  Who founded this school?  What challenges did this person or group face to provide this opportunity to young students like Thomas?  

4.  What is this school like today?  Provide examples.  Unique facts. Notable Alumni.  

*Remember to check the rubric/checklist periodically to evaluate your work.  

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