Louisiana Purchase



Begin by clicking here and looking up the definitions to these words (only write one of the definitions if several are given).

Write the words and definitions on a sheet of notebook paper or type them.


Now answer the questions below (either type them or write them):

1. What problems was France having in 1803?

2. Who was the Frenchman who sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States?

3. Why do you think he sold it to the United States?

4. Who was the President during 1803?

5. How big was the Louisiana Purchase (how many square miles)?

6. What were the names of the two men sent to explore the Louisiana Territory?

7. What was the name of the Native American woman who helped them explore?

8. Why do you think the explorers asked her for help?

9. Why do you think she helped them?

10. How long did the journey last?

Now choose one of the options below. Raise your hand if you need help or you need supplies.

Option 1: Using the sheet of paper and markers (or colored pencils) provided, draw a poster advertising for the land that Lewis and Clark found. What do you think would make people want to go there?

Option 2: Pretend you are the President and you need someone to go explore the land you just purchased. Write a letter to someone you would trust to go on that journey. Explain what they need to do and why you are asking them to do it.

Option 3:  If you had to go explore unknown land that could be dangerous, how would you feel? Why would you feel that way? Write an answer on a sheet of paper (or type it)

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