The United States and Westward Expansion



Step 1: Decide which role each group member will play.

Mr. William Jones is the head of household, currently he works in a small meat factory bringing home barely enough money to feed his family.He hopes by moving west, he will be able to help his cousin with his farm and provide a better life for his family.

Mr. William Jones is in charge of planning out the trip. You will need to estimate how long it will take you to travel to Washington and how many miles you will be traveling. This information will be important for planning on the amount of supplies you will need.

Mrs. Patsy Jones & her 5 young children, the wife and children of Mr. Jones. Mrs. Jones is very nervous to leave her home behind, she is also worried about traveling with her young children, ages 7, 5, 4, 3, and 1.

Mrs. Patsy Jones will be researching difficulties that could make traveling on the trail challenging. You should consider what people or animals you may meet, the weather, illnesses and any other possible problems.

Junior Jones, Junior is 14 and the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs.Jones:

Junior Jones will be in charge of transportation and shelter. How will you get there? Ox or horse cart, backpacking, etc. What will you sleep in along the way? Tent, cart, sleeping bags etc. Think through and be able to explain which transportation and shelter you chose; Will you need to make repairs along the way? Can this transportation get you all the way across the west? Will the method of transportation serve duel purposes?

Neighbor Clem Patterson, Clem Patterson is traveling along with the Jonesí family:

Clem Patterson will research what supplies are needed for the trip, how will you store the supplies, and how much the supplies will cost. You should also consider if you have access to the supplies, or will you need to track them down. 

Step 2: Individually research and take notes on the links below to learn about your assigned task.

Step 3: As a group discuss your results. It might be a good idea to consider all rewards and risks on traveling west,each member of the group should contribute ideas.

Step 4: With your group use the provided journal to create a travelers' journal that you will be presenting to the class about all your conclusions.


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