Going With The Flow: Diffusion & Osmosis



Buckle Up...Here we go!!

Phase I: 
  1. Sign onto your computer and open internet explorer
  2. Browse all of the websites in the following list
  3. Choose two of the websites that make the most sense to you, and use those sites to take notes of the concepts you just learned. (Make sure you let me know which websites you decided to choose)

         4. Watch all of the following videos, then choose three that make the most sense to you in order to complete the questions in this phase.  
              (Make sure you let me know which websites you decided to choose)
    • What is osmosis?
    • What is diffusion?
    • What is the difference between the two?
  1.  In terms of energy used?
  2.  In terms of solute and solvent?
  3.  In terms of whether or not a membrane is needed?
    • What is a concentration gradient?  Give an example.
    • Is water always a solvent?  Why or why not?
Show what you know! 

Phase III:

     6.Watch the following animation, and when you feel ready to take the quiz, take it and print out your results page!

Phase IV:

     7. Once you have completed all the steps in phase I through phase III, you may choose to work with two people to construct your comic illustrations (Your group must have a maximum of 3 people, including yourself. No more or less).     
     8. As a group, you may construct your own comic story about osmosis. It must include information from the videos, animations, and notes that you made. 

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