Copyright and Fair Use in the Music Clasroom


Day 1:   Introduction
 Here is a link to a website with copyright information.  As a group, decide which of you will read the website and which of you will watch the video.  Individually, write down a few (3-4) key points regarding copyright law in general.  In your groups, come up with FIVE points that your groups deemed most important.  This will be your first post on your Prezi.



Day 2:  Fair Use   
If you watched a video last time, read the article, and vice-versa.  Individually, write down a few (3-4) key points regarding Fair Use.  In your groups, come up with FIVE points that your groups deemed most important, regardless of video or website..  This will be your second post on your Prezi.




Day 3:  Music Copyright. How does the information we just learned about basic copyright involve music?  Check out http://www.mtna.org/member-resources/copyright-information/copyright-faqs/.  Skim through the main points, then  take a look in your music folder.  Is anything in there a violation of copyright?  Explain your findings on a short video (less than a minute) you and your group will create using the school iPads.  If the music infringes on copyright, explain why.  If it follows copyright laws, explain why also.  You will post your video to the third post of your group's Prezi. 

Day 4: Share findings.
Each group will spend a few minutes presenting their Prezi to the class.  On looseleaf I hand out individually, you will proceed to write any notes other groups make that were not your own.  Finally, write a three sentence summary of WHY it is important to follow copyright law in band class. 

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