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There is so much great information available, from anecdotal evidence to RCT studies on mind-body energy therapies! Use the resources provided in this quest, and then please continue your search. Get lost in the right direction!

In order to complete your quest you will need begin by reading Chapters 9, 10, and 14 in your textbook, Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medicine  (Micozzi, 2015).

 Topics include: 
  9. Mind-Body Sciences and the Placebo Effect
10. Mind-Body Therapies, Stress Reduction, and Pyschometrics
14. Energy Medicine 

Find the link below to another resource available for you through the ASU online library. Chapter 2 of Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care (3rd Edition)(Purcell, L., 2014) is linked in PDF form below. Browse the whole chapter, but you will find the first section of Chapter 2 particularly useful in understanding a cultural model, and the final section which covers spirituality and healthcare providers.

After completing the readings (especially the Purnell chapter) continue the quest by watching the video clips below. The videos will provide a brief look into these topics. Please continue to broaden your search on your own based on your own interests and your own practice. Use your knowledge of evidence based practice as you explore these topics. 

When you have finished exploring the resources, select the Quiz tab from the navigation bar on the left and check your learning. If you have questions about a quiz, return to your text and other resources for a second look.

  • Micozzi, M. (2015). Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medicine(5th ed.) Sudbury, MA: Elsevier.
  • Purnell, L. D., & ebrary., I. (2014). Guide to culturally competent health care (Third Edition). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: F. A. Davis Company.


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