Divide class into 6 groups comprising about 6 students. Each group will do the following and present their work in front of class .

( Teachers can help groups decide about the Dam , NGO and Govt Scheme to avoid duplication)

Create report file and add following details in it-

Ø  Use mind maps / web chart to present following-

1.      What is the role of a farmer in our lives?

2.      What are the most important factors which effect farming?

Ø  Prepare a chart showing equipments used by farmers along with their pictures and usage?


Ø  What do you know about Green revolution? Who is known as father of Green Revolution.How its introduction has increased the agricultural production tremendously?Present your thoughts in an interesting way.


Ø  Water is a necessary resource for farming and ‘Dams ‘fulfill this requirement. You will have to choose one popular Dam and create a fact sheet including pictures, its location on map of India, river it is built upon and the state in which it is located and other necessary information.

Ø  Find out a NGO working for the welfare of farmers- Create a pamphlet to promote their work.

Ø  Identify any one scheme / programme started by Govt for welfare of farmers. Prepare a brochure highlighting its important points. 


Life of Indian Farmers

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