Why are/aren't my parents laughing?


Before you begin researching Pop Culture movies from your Parent's era, please visit the below sites. Site 1 contains information for conducting a search with Google.Com incase you are new to using the internet to search for specific information. Site 2 contains a YouTube video with additional instructions on how to make your searches more effective.

Now that you have viewed the above information I think you are ready to begin.

We are going to have a class discussion on what Pop culture means, and how it effects us. We will discuss the defferences between current pop-culture and your parents pop-culture.
We are going to focus specifically on movies.
After our discussion you will utilize a computer in the classroom or computer lab to conduct a search for movies specific to today's pop-culture and then to your parent's era when they were about the same age as you.

After your search, you will take the information you found and then try to find something available today that ties into your parent's era. You may need to spend time with your parents and have them help you with ideas for movies or items linked to their time.

you will have two days to prepare a small presentaion on what you found and how today's pop-culture and the past are different or similar. You are encouraged to collect phots from the internet or even bring in items from your house if your parents allow it.

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