Google Map Attack



1. Refresh your memory about the map skills you already have.

--> Visit this Symbaloo to play some map skills games. Read the descriptions to find a game that will help YOU in an area you need.

2. Hone your map skills vocabulary.

Make a Google Presentation for the following map skills vocabulary and SHARE it with your teacher.

On each slide include: 
- the word at the top in bold, bigger lettering
- a picture that helps you remember the word
- a definition of the word (hint: Don't use words you don't know.)
- Bonus: Use the word in a sentence.

Map Skills Vocabulary Word Bank: 
* map
* equator
* prime meridian
* compass rose
* cardinal directions
* intermediate directions
* map key or legend (they are synonyms)

Challenge Words:
* line of latitude
* line of longitude
* region
* map scale

3. Look at a variety of Google Maps.

Please go in order!

c. Discuss with your classmates here.

d. Just for fun - search the Google Maps Gallery for a topic you're interested in.

4. Make your own Google Map with places you've been.

Log in to Google Maps and create your own map!

Make a Google Map of at least 5 places you've been. They can be local places (like Lakeview Elementary) or global places (like Tallahassee, Florida).  Each peg must have a description that's at least 2 sentences long.

When we're all finished, we'll share our maps with each other!

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