• First you will read through the text and if you need help with the wording check out No Fear like we have discussed and compare the modern to the old English. 
  • Then after reading through this I want you to WATCH the scene (follow along with book or in window beside it) begin at 25:09. 
  • Then to interact with your vocabulary I want you to do a word search! 
  • You're then going to use the vocabulary and create your own sentences. A maximum of two vocabulary words per sentence like normal. Use the template we normally use for this.
  • BREAK - I know Shakespeare can be challenging to interact with, but maybe we can make some choice words for the man himself, using his words. Using this worksheet you will pick one word from each column begun with "Thou" or a "Thou art an" and we will see who can create the best insult for your frustration at Shakespeare (not your classmates!) 
  • BONUS OPPORTUNITY: I found this super fun game where you can guess what a word means in context from different Shakespeare plays. Record your highest score (up to 10) and you can get a 1/2 point of bonus for each point, so 5 bonus points possible total onto a test. 
  • Last but certainly not least, I would like you to then summarize the scene on the classroom blog and comment on two other posts.


Web Link
  • Shakespeare Game!
    Description: Click on Shakespeare Aptitude Test and record your highest score with a screenshot and you can get bonus!



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  • Blog Post
    Description: Please post your summary and two comments!

Web Link

  • Word Search!
    Description: Either print and bring to class completed or highlight on your tablet and submit online.
Much Ado About Nothing

Description: Begin at 25:09 and follow along in your book until the end of the scene at 45:22.

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