The advertising industry's worst kept secret: Photoshop.



Step 1

You will download the picture titled Sample and will save it on to your PC. You may not change the size. Right click on the link and choose "Save link as" to save it to your PC.

Step 2

You will click on the link titled Background Removal, and follow the tutorial on how to remove the background from the picture. You will also click the link, Magic Wand and Mask, and watch a tutorial on how to use the Magic Wand Tool and how to create a mask.  Once you have removed the background using the Background Eraser and Magic Wand tools and have created your mask, you will create a new layer below your main layer and fill it with the color white. Your image must look like the Sample White image in the Files section--of course, without the word Sample written on it.  

Step 3

The rest of the project will be completed within teacher assigned groups, 3 - 4 per group, and work as a team. The team will function as a design company and each member will have a specific role. There will be a Creative Director, chosen by the teacher, who will be the overseer and presenter, and the rest will be designers. The Creative Director will assign a specific tool to each designer in order to complete a particular process / part of the project. The Creative Director will advise and help the rest of the members with the project and will report to the teacher. 

Once the groups have been formed, you will watch the Liquify Filters tutorial and then begin using the Pucker, Bloat, and Freeze tools to modify the shape of the female so that she appears thinner but without distorting the image so as to make it appear unnatural. There will be class critiquing, explained below, every two days until the project ends.

Class critique will be a significant part of this project, and your level of participation will be graded. Each group's Creative Director will present the project to the class via the dual overhead monitors and share his/her group's overall experience in completing the tutorials. All work done up to that point must be shown, and each student within the group will share his / her experience learning / using the tools. 

Step 4

After the project ends, you will put a presentation together that will be initially introduced by your Creative Director. Each member will explain what his / her part of the project was and will show the actual work that was done. 

In addition, based on the Transformations, and Ban on Skinny Models videos in the Introduction, as well as your personal experience during the project, each student will give an account of what it was like to totally change the image of a female and why they think advertising agencies use such techniques to influence consumers' thinking. You must write a substantive paper, between 250 - 500 words and read it to the class and provide evidence in your paper that you have viewed both of the required videos. Afterward, you will hand everything in.   



  • Background extracted
    Description: A sample file with the background of the original image extracted.

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