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Process Process

Task 1:
  1. Print out the activities worksheets attached in this page (you may ask teacher help to print).
Task 2:
  1. Choose your class peer.
  2. With your peer, use many colorful sticky note (green, pink, yellow, orange..etc).
  3. Enlarge your handwriting for the name of the body part.
  4. under the name, write with smaller font size full sentences of the function of that body part. 
  5. stick those sticky notes in the right places of your peer body.
Task 3: (with parent help)
  1. Bring paper roll.
  2. Cut it in a way that fit the length and the width of your best friend or family member.
  3. Ask him/her to lay over the  paper spread on the floor. 
  4. Draw using a marker the figure of his/ her body.
  5. Ask him/her to get up
  6. Draw some details (face, hair, eyes, mouth, hands, fingers, toes, t-shirt, pants..etc)
  7. Write on the different body parts  (on your drawing) used by him/her to do favorite activities; for examples on the ears (listening to the music)
  8. Glue your drawing on the foam board as a poster.
  9. Write the name of him/her on the top of the poster.
  10. Talk about your best friend or family member in the class.
Tracing printable worksheet
Matching printable worksheet
The Whole Body (functions)
The Whole Body (functions)
The Whole Body (functions)
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