Animals in Migration



A. Begin your Research

1.    Identify one of the following animals that you want to track.

  • Little egret     
  • Tropical rabbitfish   
  • Tropical parrotfish 
  • Bark beetles  
  • Polar bears   
  • Adelie Penguin

2.  You may use the following websites to research information about where and why the animals migrated

Little Egret



Tropical Rabbitfish



Tropical Parrotfish



Bark Beetles



Polar Bears 


Adelie Penguin



3.  Create a new Microsoft Word document, this will be your research sheet. Answer the following questions using the research you’ve discovered and recorded. Make sure to include your references.

  • What animal are you doing your research on
  • Where was the animal's original habitat?
  • Why did the animal live there? (What was in the environmentthat benefited the animal?)
  • Where did the animal migrate to?
  • Why did the animal move there? (What kind of climate changeoccurred in the animals natural habitat to cause them to migrate?)
  • Which environment do you think is better for the animal and why?

4. Now that you have acquired all your information, you are ready to start the next process of this web quest!

B. Creating Your Map

1. Print out the attached blank map of the world

2.  Locate the orginal environment of the animal you selected. Draw a green dot.

3. Next, locate the new location that the animal migrated to. Draw a red dot.

4. If you can locate the path that the animal took while migrating, copy this path on your map to the best of your ability.  If no known path is found, draw a line connecting the green dot and red dot. 

5. When you are done mapping the movement of your animal,attach the printed complete research sheet.

6. Also attach a picture of your animal.  Write your name, the date, and your period on the front of your research sheet. 

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