All About Hawaii



Task #1: About Hawaii

  1. Follow the first link to answer these questions about Hawaii (you should write them down on a piece of paper) :
  • What is the capitol of Hawaii?
  • How many main islands does Hawaii have?
  • What are the official languages in Hawaii?
  • What is one fun tradition in Hawaii?
  • What is the average amount of rain that Hawaii gets every year?
Task #2: Learn Hawaiian!
  1. Follow the second link to a website that has Hawaiian words and what they mean in English on it.
  2. Write down on your piece of paper what these words mean in Hawaiian.
  • Hello
  • God
  • Welcome
  • Thank You
  • Wave, Surf
Task #3: Draw Hawaiian Flag
  1. Follow the third link to find a picture of the Hawaiian flag
  2. Get out a new piece of paper, and draw it! You can also color it to make it look more accurate.


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