Angles, Measurements, and Structure with Carpentry



You will all be making birdhouses in this lesson. You willbe using angles to measure out your birdhouse dimensions. Please take a look atthe link below that describes the different sizes bird entrance holes need tobe for different sized birds. That is the only part you will need to look at onthis link.

Your birdhouse will not be a traditional birdhouse. You willlook at the 3 pictures I have below and look and which one you would like tochoose and make your own. I would like you to turn and talk with a classmate and brainstorm ideas.Your finished product does not have to look exactly like these examples.

Your birdhouses will be made of whatever you may have atyour disposal. So you might have materials like cardboard, tin cans, Popsiclesticks, wood, scrap metal, corks, rocks, sticks, paper towel tubes, licenseplates, pails, and anything else you can find and use that would be stable fora birdhouse.

You will be doing this project at home but I will want astep by step procedure of when and how you make your birdhouse. I would likeyou to write down the different materials used, the different angles measured,and the steps to put it together. You should measure what angle the roof isplaced, what angles the sides are placed, and what angles the front and backpieces are placed. Your siblings and parents may help but you must do most ofthe work. Please use safety procedures when working with wood. Have an adulthelp you with that process.

We will be bringing the step by step procedures andbirdhouses into class so we can discuss how you created your birdhouse and whatyour birdhouse looks like. I hope you enjoy the lesson.


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