Civil Rights: 100 Years in the Making



STEP 1: terminology is important!  Find the definitions for the following words.  You can use an online dictionary or an old fashioned dictionary.  Be sure to write a thorough definition.

  • segregation
  • integration
  • discrimination
  • racism
  • suffrage
  • boycott
  • reform
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • protest
  • civil rights

STEP 2: Research each of the following events and provide an answer to these five questions FOR EACH EVENT:
  1. What happened?
  2. Where and when did it happen?
  3. Key people involved?
  4. Why did it happen?
  5. Who was affected by the event?


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  • Greensboro Sit-in
    Description: Four students from North Carolina A&T State University sit down at Woolworth's white-only lunch counter

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  • Little Rock Nine
    Description: History.com. Integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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The last speech of Martin Luther King Jr.

Description: a rousing and emotional portion of King's last speech, which now appears to foreshadow his death

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I Have a Dream speech

Description: a portion of the full speech

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Time to Write your report
Description: Now that you have read and heard the major events, it is time to write your report. Click on "Evaluation" to begin...

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