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Go to the websites to answer the questions for your group's assigned religion.


Website 1:  Click on Buddhism Website 1 to answer.

1. Who was the founder of Buddhism?

2. When did the founder of Buddhism live?

3. What happened when the founder of Buddhism went "in Search of Understanding"?

4. What are the 4 noble truths of Buddha's teaching?

5. What is Karma?

6. Explain the Buddhist cycle of rebirth.

Website 2:  Click on Buddhism Website 2 to answer.

1.  To where do Buddhists travel on a pilgrimage?

2.  Where are the Buddha's words written down?

3.  How far east did Buddhism spread?  Why did it spread?

4.  Who is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism?

5.  What are two types of Buddhist temples?


Website 1:  Click on Christianity Website 1 to answer.

Christianity at a Glance

1. Explain who Jesus was and what he means to Christianity.

2. What are the 3 elements of God that Christians believe in?

3. Where do Christians primarily worship and what is their holy text?

History: The Disciples

4. Who were the Disciples and why were they important to the ministry of Jesus?


5. Name 3 subdivisions of Christianity?

Website 2:  Click on Christianity Website 2 to answer.

1.  Which event commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert?

2.  What are celebrations centered around?

3.  How was the Christian Church created?

4.  What was the central message and style of Jesus' teaching?

5.  How did Christianity begin?


Website 1:  Click on Islam Website 1 to answer.

Festivals and Celebrations/Sacred Spaces

1. What is the hajj?

2. How many times a day do most Muslims pray?

3. What is a mosque? Describe the common features.

4. What do followers of Islam abstain from making images of Muhammad or Allah?

5.  Describe Islamic Art.

Basic Beliefs

1. Who is Allah? Who is Muhammad?

2. What is "monotheism"?

3. When did Islam begin?

4. How many people worldwide practice Islam?

5. What are the two major factions of Islam?

6.What are the 6 major beliefs shared by followers of Islam?

7. What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

8. What is the name of the Islamic holy book?


Website 1:  Click on Judaism Website 1 to answer.

1. What are the common features of synagogues?

2. Who leads Jewish worship services?

3. Who is Abraham and why is he significant to Judaism? Draw his family tree.

4. What is the Jewish concept of "God's Law"?

Website 2:  Click on Judaism Website 2 to answer.

1.  Why is the Star of David a symbol for Judaism?

2.  What is the model for Jewish moral thought?

3.  What is the Diaspora?

4.  About how many Jews are there today?

5.  Where do about 2/3 of Jews live?

6.  Which Jewish holiday commemorates the Exodus (departure from Egypt)?


Website 1:  Click on Hinduism Website 1 to answer.

Sacred Spaces

1. What is a Hindu place of Worship called?

2. What are Hindu temples built for? How are they decorated?

3. Where besides temples do Hindus commonly worship?

4. What is significant about the Ganges River to followers of Hinduism?

Basic Beliefs

1. When and where did Hinduism begin?

2. What are the names of the sacred texts of Hinduism?

3. How many people are followers of Hinduism worldwide?

4. What is the fundamental teaching of Hinduism?

5. What does "yoga" mean and why is it important to Hinduism?

6. Who is Brahman?

7. What is reincarnation?

8. What is the name of the behavioral code that individual followers of Hinduism follow?​


Website 1:  Click on Confucianism Website 1 to answer.

1.) Where did Confucianism originate?

2.) How many people practice Confucianism worldwide?

3.) Why do some people argue that Confucianism is not a religion?

4.) Who founded Confucianism and how did he get his name?

5.) How are Confucianism and Chinese history related?

6.)  What text is used in Confucianism?

​ Website 2:    Click on Confucianism Website 2 to answer.

1.) What 5 basic virtues did Confucius teach?

2.) How do followers of Confucianism feel about worship and afterlife?

3.)  Why did Confucius give up his government job?

4.)  What did the Jen principle represent?

5.)  How many people practice Confucianism today?

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