A Journey to the Land of the Tainos



step 1: students will be asked to write what they know about the Tainos, what they want to know about the Tainos using the KWL chart. discussion will follow

step 2: students will use a world and a caribbean map to trace the migratory pattern of the Tainos to the Caribbean. 
step 3: students will read from the website http://www.jnht.com/download/influence.pdf to gain additional information on the Tainos. discussion will follow 
step 4:  a video of the Tainos houses will be shown to students 
step 5: groups will gather materials to make a miniature of the Taino house 
step 6: groups will display their models and explain how it was made and the challenges they had while making it. 


making a tainos house using popsicle sticks

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