Milton S. Hershey: American Chocolate Bar Creator.



Your investigation begins by first printing out the PowerPoint below, as a handout. Then, you want to continue your investigation by accessing each of the websites listed below. Be sure to have the PowerPoint handout nearby as you investigate, so that you can write down the important information that each PowerPoint slide asks you to complete. You will write down the information that you found about each slide on seperate peices of notebook paper. Be sure to be descriptive when writing out the topic/subject for each slide.

When you are done investigating each website and you have found all the information needed to successfully complete the PowerPoint, you will then type the information on the PowerPoint provided below. When you are finished typing up the PowerPoint, you will print out the handouts and cut each of them out. When you are done cutting, you will staple the handout PowerPoint squares together to create an informative flip book. So, put your thinking caps on and get your pencils ready because it is time to investigate!


Milton S. Hershey

Investigate this site to find Milton's birth and death dates; his parents name; his education; the age he was during his caramel apprentice; and his age when his first caramel business was a success.




Hershey's Products: Chocolate Candy

Investigate your favorite Hershey's candy and write three interesting facts on the corresponding slide.



History: Milton S. Hershey

Use this site to find where he was born; where the three locations of his caramel businesses were before he was successful; what his model town included; and what he did to help his community during the Great Depression.



Hershey Bar History-Invention of the Hershey Bar

Investigate how and when the Hershey Bar was invented.



Discovering HERSHEY'S: Milton S. Hershey

Find out how Milton Hershey became fascinated with inventing chocolate and how much he sold his successful caramel company for.



The History of Chocolate-1900's

Discover when Milton Hershey invented the Hershey Kiss and who created the classic Reese's Cup.



Milton S. Hershey

Investigate this website to find out what Milton Hershey's house is used for today and what building has been dedicated to the Hershey's.



The History of Hershey's Chocolate

Find out how many Kisses are produced a day. Also, investigate the possible places where one can purchase Kisses around the globe.



Discovering HERSHEY'S: Making Chocolate

Watch this exciting video on how chocolate is made. Also, find out how much milk hershey uses day.



Milton Hershey School

Discover who the school was originally founded for and who it benefits today.



The Hershey Heritage

Indentify the key words of Milton Hershey's legacy.



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