The Hows and Wows Student Self-Assessments!



Phase 1

First, you will complete the research portion of this webquest. As you make your way through, take notes in a Word document or on notebook paper. Pay attention to important details about:
  • What is self-assessment?
  • How is it used?
  • How is it helpful?
  • What are some different kinds of self-assessments?
After you complete the RESEARCH portion, move along to Phase 2.


1. A teacher in San Diego has been using self-assessments in his classroom for years. Read about his experiences. Be sure to note how his students use them and how they are helpful!

2. Self-assessments must be carefully directed, with clear expectations and instructions. Watch the video below titled "Vague Art Critique Disaster" to see what happens when the criteria for success are not well defined. Unfortunately, art critiques often delved into vague and subjective conversations because there are no rubrics, and the learning targets are not expressed. (CAUTION: ADULT LANGUAGE)

3. View the following articles to find more information regarding the importance of self-assessment, and more about implementation: 
4. Search the web for examples of self-assessment that interest and inspire you.

5. Begin to formulate ideas for your own type of self-assessment.

Phase 2

Now you will create a 10 slide presentation that synthesizes what you have learned about self-assessments into a thoughtful and interesting presentation. Be sure to include your definition of self-assessment, why it is important/beneficial, how it is used, 3 different types you have found, as well as an example of your own. Also, discuss the importance of clear targets and expectations, creating rubrics, etc.

Phase 3

Using the rubric provided in this webquest, self-evaluate your presentation. Email your presentation and a Word doc containing your self-evaluation to the instructor.


Vague Art Critique Disaster

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