The Texas Revolution



Now is the time for you to discover many interesting things about the Texas Revolution.  Remember the ALAMO!


Lesson 1:  Causes of the Texas Revolution
Relations between the Texans and Mexican government became strained as more settlers settled in Texas. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna responded harshly to the tensions in Texas. It was evident the settlers did not want to follow the Mexican government. They wanted a different form of government and believed freedom from Mexico was the only answer to their problems. This lesson will focus on the conflicts with Mexico and how Texas decided to become independent from Mexico.


Your Mission:
Your class will be broken up into groups of 3 or 4 members.  You will research the web-sites provided and complete the t-chart.  You must identify 4 major causes of the Texas Revolution and explain what they meant for the citizens of Texas. 
NOTE:  t-chart can be provided to each group or projected in order for each group to copy it.

Materials needed:  t-chart (copied or projected), art paper, pencils

Lesson 2:  Battles of the Texas Revolution
As settlers came to Texas from the United States and the world, it was understood they would agree to follow the rules of the Mexican government. However, settlers soon became dissatisfied with the government and disputes began to erupt. The solutions to the disputes did not solve the problems the settlers had. The settlers wanted their independence from Mexico. They knew there was no alternative but to go to war. And war it was. Texas won its independence during the Texas Revolution.  In this section you will learn about many the many different battles and skirmishes of the Revolution.


Your Mission:
Your class will be broken up into groups of 3-4 members.  You will be given a long sheet of manila art paper.  The group must create a timeline of important events and battles of the Texas Revolution.  You must include 10 events with at least 5 battles on your timeline.  Please be neat!  Each entry on your timeline must have a hand drawn colored illustration. Check the rubric to see how this assignment will be graded.

Manila art paper, pencils, map colors, notebook paper for note taking

Mission 2:  Design a poster encouraging people to enlist in Texas’s army/militia.  Be creative.  Think about what would make someone want to join the army during a time of conflict where battle is sure to come.

Map pencils, Pencils, manila art paper

Lesson 3:  Important Leaders
We all know that leaders can influence a society to revolt. As Stephen F. Austin brought the “Old Three Hundred” into Texas, no one would have ever imagined that this would lead to a revolution. In this case, the settlers of Texas demanded change and the only way to achieve change was to revolt. Eventually the revolts lead to a revolution. History tells us that brave men and women sacrificed their lives for Texas to gain their independence from Mexico. The Texas revolution is a symbol of the strong determination of individuals that exist in many of our leaders today.


Your Mission:
Your class will be divided into groups of 3-4 members.  You will work together to answer the questions on the Questionnaire provided. 


As a group create a short power point presentation summarizing what you have learned.  It should be 5-8 slides long.  Be sure to include any interesting information you have discovered on your journey.  See rubric for grading guide lines.



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