Christmas Vacation!



Some steps that you might like to follow to ensure you create an excellent report are:


1.    Your group needs to CHOOSE a country you plan on visitng.  After your groups chooses the country, tell the teacher.  Therefore, the other groups do not duplicate countries.  First come, first serve!


Click http://www.the-north-pole.com/around/index.htm  for the list of countries.


Click http://www.santas.net/aroundtheworld.htm  for the list of customs and traditions.


Click http://www.santas.net/recipes.htm  for recipes.


Click http://www.santas.net/songs.htm  for songs.



2. RESEARCH. Gather as much information as you can on how you will be celebrating the holidays in the country that your group chose.  Be sure to include customs and traditions as well as other things like recipes used to make holiday foods or songs the people sing to help celebrate.  


 3.Talk to your group and record the important things about your own traditional Christmas that the group does not want to change.  You may include in your presentation traditions that you want to celebrate while you are visiting that other country.  You will share with the class what customs you have that you would want to teach to the people from that country.   Drawing a Double Bubble MAP is a good way to do this.  By using a double bubble map, your group can compare each other's traditions. 


Click http://www.nhcs.k12.nc.us/htree/Curriculum/ThinkingMaps.html#DBM  for an example of a Double Bubble Map. 


Click http://www.santas.net/howmerrychristmasissaid.htm  to learn how to say Merry Christmas in different languages.


4.  Now it's time to think about the REPORT.  You can type it on the computer, create a dramatic play, or present it using PowerPoint.  Remember, you will be presenting your project orally, to your class.  Be sure to save it often as you type.

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