A Tail of Elephants



Are you and your group members ready to explore the life of elephants? Get ready to hop on the tour bus as we embark on this African safari! Pull out your binoculars as we learn all about elephants and their lives in captivity and in sanctuary. 

First you need to get with your group and review the roles that will be listed below. 
Second you need to work it out with your group and decide who will have what role.
Third you need to research using the websites about the topic given.
Fourth, use the questions as your guide and take notes while you research
Fifth, get with your group members and share what you learned with one another
Sixth, together you will work to create a website using Livebinder. There should be 7 tabs: title page with your group members names, roles 1-4, then a work cited page. The seventh slide should include your overall thoughts about this assignment along with your thoughts about elephants in captivity and sanctuary. Your Livebinder must include pictures, at least one video and detailed information. It should be persuasive and informative. 

Role 1: 
Background of elephants: when reviewing this section you will learn some of the main facts about elephants. (consider these questions)
-Where are the majority of elephants located?
-Are elephants endangered or threatened?
-What is the average lifespan of elephants?
-How much do elephants weigh?
-What do elephants eat?
-How do elephants eat?
-What are some of the different types of elephants?
-How do elephants keep cool?
-Are elephants social creatures?

*These are just a few questions that you should consider, but are not limited to. 
*Use this link to help you figure out these answers. This website also has games for you to poke around in. 

Role 2: 
Elephants in captivity: in this section you will understand what captivity means and the negative impact it has on elephants (consider these questions)
-What is the welfare of elephants like in captivity?
-Are elephants are mostly taken from the wild?
-What is the average lifespan of elephants in sanctuary vs. the wild?
-What are some of the problems and diseases elephants can obtain from being in captivity?
-When did the capturing of elephants begin? Where did it stem from?
-What were captured elephants used for in the past?
-What are captured elephants mainly used for today? ex: circus, religious reasons, zoo's, parades, marketing, entertainment, etc.
-How are elephants treated in captivity?
-What is free contact and protected contact?

*Pick and answer at least 5 of these 7 questions. Feel free to answer all if not more. 
*Use these websites to help you find your answers. 

Role 3:
Sanctuary for elephants: in this section you will get to learn exactly what a sanctuary is and the various benefits that it provides elephants. (consider these questions)
-What is a sanctuary?
-What is their mission?
-How are elephants treated in sanctuary vs. captivity?
-Life span of zoo vs. wild vs. captivity vs. sanctuary?
-How does sanctuary help against poachers and hunters?
-Are there many sanctuaries worldwide?
-What are some objectives of Elephant Sanctuaries?
-What does Elephant Voices do? 
-What are some of the ways that GSE takes care of their elephants?

*Review these websites and answer some of these questions as well as any you think of on your own. This section should really be focused on in your final product considering your are promoting elephant sanctuaries
*Use these websites to help you with the questions

Role 4:
How would you spread the message of sanctuaries? What would you do to help?: In this section you will be focusing on social media strategies to get the word out as well as any other method you can think of. (consider these questions)
-What social media websites are popular today?
-What age range (audience) am I trying to reach?
-How can I promote this in the best way? (Poster, commercial, website, radio, brochure, flyers, etc.) (You do not actually have to make these, just think of some ideas and how you would use them)
-What are some ways that you yourself can help elephants?

*Think about these questions and come up with some ways that you yourself can personally help and come up with a promotional strategy.
*Use these websites to help you

Below are three more Sanctuary websites that you can use to help you create your website. 

These are sanctuaries in the US: TES www.elephants.com PAWS http://www.pawsweb.org

This is a sanctuary in Thailand: ENP http://www.elephantnaturepark.org


Global Sanctuary for Elephants

Description: This video shows some of the elephants in Brazil and the properties that were looked at.
Elephants in Captivity

Description: This video discusses the negative repercussions of elephants in captivity.

Web Link
  • Global Sanctuary for Elephants
    Description: This is the GSE website that will help you understand what a sanctuary is and their mission for helping elephants.
The Urban Elephant: Captivity

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