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Using Google Drive

Google Drive
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Process Process

You will be using GOOGLE DRIVE to create and maintain your DIGITAL PORTFOLIO for school.

STEP 1: Once  you sign in, look at the top of the Google page and find the checker board looking square (as seen in (IMAGE 1) a menu will drop down (IMAGE 2) click on DRIVE.

STEP 2: Click on the red CREATE box.  A menu box will open.  CLICK on FOLDER. (IMAGE 3) Name your first folder ELA and click CREATE. (IMAGE 4)

Follow the same process in STEP 2 and create folders for your Math, Science, Social Studies, and any other classes you have this year.

You should now have  SIX FOLDERS in your Google Drive.

STEP 3:  Now click on the ELA folder you just created so that it is highlighted with RED LETTERS, then Click on the red CREATE box again.(IMAGE 7)  This time click on DOCUMENT.  A new document will appear.(IMAGE 8)  In the top click on Untitled Document and name it FALL, and click OK. (IMAGE 9)

STEP 4: Take five minutes and brainstorm what fall means to you!

Welcome to Google
Image 9
Image 8
Create a Document
Image 1
Click on the checker board square to get a drop menu for Google Apps
Image 2
Click on the DRIVE icon to access Google Drive
Image 3
Create a Folder in Google Drive
Image 4
Naming a folder and saving it
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