Creatures Of The Night



Step 1

Write down what you know about bats. Place this information under the title of Schema (what you ALREADY know). It's perfectly okay if you don't know a lot of information about bats at this point. Just write what you know.

Let's learn some vocabulary!

  • Nocturnal
  • Echolocation
  • Colony
  • Pup
Your first task is to learn the meaning of these words as they will help you on the next steps of your journey. It may be helpful to you to write these vocabulary words with their definitions down. Also, check out the Echolocation Song located on this page.

**HALT: Did you complete Step 1? If not, do not proceed. If yes, let's GO!**

Step 2

Now that you have a basic understanding of some of the words you will encounter and know what they mean, it's time to split into your assigned group for this step. As a group you will be making a K-W-L Poster you will present to the class.

Once you are in your group begin discussing what you wrote down about bats at the beginning of this journey. As a group create a list of questions about what you all would like to learn about bats. Each member of the group should at least contribute one question. Now,  as a group use the site Bats4Kids to learn about all things batty. There are also many videos you may view. Make a list as a group of what you learned. You can designate one group member to write this out, though you may find it useful to take some notes on your own. Here are some ideas: What do bats eat? Where do they live?

Now that you have a list of facts, discuss amongst your group what misconceptions you had about bats and the truth about them. Where do you think these crazy ideas about bats come from?

**HALT: Did you complete Step 2? If so, you may proceed! Do you still have questions or is there something you don't understand? Discuss with your group and try to find the answers. You may also consult your teacher as a last resort**

Step 3

On your own, your next mission is to create a 3-fold bat that you can acquire from your teacher. Each section you are to list one new thing you learned about bats. Use your best handwriting because these will be hung as a colony around the room to celebrate Autumn and Halloween.

Image: http://www.bethpage.ws/cb/jcasella/images/bats/fruit%20bat.jpg


Bat foldable
Description: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Bat-Facts-Fold-and-Learn-336735
Echolocation Song
Bat anatomy
Description: http://www.kidzone.ws/images-changed/bats/batlabel3.gif

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