Spoken Word



Process for Task 1

1.  You and your assigned team will watch "To This Day" by Shane Koyczan.

2.  Your team will look at the Internet links provided to find out more about Shane and what inspires him.

3.  Your team will create a Microsoft Word document to write about what inspired Shane to write this Spoken Word Poem.  Write a response with at least five points and title it "To This Day, Our Response".

Process for Task 2

1.)  Your teams second task is to research other spoken word artists using the Internet links provided.  

2.)  You can also look up a few more artists using the search words: spoken word, slam poetry, Def Jam poetry and Shayne Koyczan.

3.)  Create a new Microsoft Word document.  Choose 4 videos your team found interesting and for each artist write:
  • Name of the Artist
  • Name of piece performed
  • What was the piece about and why you liked it

Process for Task 3

I am sure you have noticed through your research that Spoken Word poets draw from their own experiences, interests and passions.  
This task is an individual task.  

1.)  Print off the Backpack Template, Word Document from the bottom of this page.   

2.)  Write in point form on the backpack: any memories from your past, anything that you feel is true about yourself, who is in your family, what your interests are, what you are scared of, what your dreams are, your favourite foods, your best moment, and so on.  The idea is that you write about who you are.  The small things are important and are interesting to hear about.  Fill the backpack with everything about you.   You do not have to share the backpack with anyone except for me.

Process for Task 4

Your final task is to create your own spoken word poem about something that is meaningful or important to you.
1.)  Have a look at your backpack.  It will be full of all kinds of ideas for you to draw from.
2.)  Find an idea that you are going to be interested in writing about, something you have strong feelings about, something that is personal to you.
3.)  Include small details because they will give your writing your voice.
4.)  Be prepared to self edit, peer edit and revise your piece.
5.)  Create a final copy and prepare to present it to the class.


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