Western Europe - City Escape



Each presentation must last for a minimum of 5 minutes.  It must also have at least six slides broken into the topics detailed below.  Each slide should have at least one (ideally more) image or picture.  

1.  Title/Introduction slide.  Here include the name of your city, a descriptive title, a map of the country/region, and any other images that you think scream out the qualities of your city and would need to be seen right away.  This sets the tone who the project - pay attention here and do not just gloss over this area.  As you introduce your presentation here, don't forget what your task is - what you are trying to accomplish as a presenter.

2.  Physical Geography.  Include descriptions of all important aspects of the city's physical geography, such as: landforms, bodies of water, climate, vegetation, wildlife, etc.  Pick what is most relevant to your particular city - you do not have to do every single one.

3.  History.  Include information of the city's founding and its role in the history of the country/region.  Most of these cities are quite old, so this should cover a large range of time and summarize the city's role in the region's development.  Any important people in the city's past or development?

4.  Culture.  What elements of the local culture can be found in the city?  Some of this may carry over from the history portion, but here include important examples like economics, food, arts/music, religion, writing/literature, sports or leisure, holidays, celebrations, or festivals.  

5.  Cannot miss landmarks.  The description of these may carry over from other sections, but be sure to highlight numerous places that any visitor must absolutely see, and be sure to explain why those sites are so noteworthy.  These might be monuments, specific beautiful scenery, museums, historical buildings or sites, quirky cultural oddities, etc.  Again, pick what is most relevant to your city and most appealing. 

6.  Bibliography.  All students must use Noodletools to create a bibliography.  You will learn how to do so in class, and share that work to a folder that Mr. McMurray creates.  Your final slide should be a bibliography that you have imported/copied over from Noodletools for the class to see your sources.

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