Purposeful Planters



                                                               Read Directions Carefully BEFORE beginning your project

 You will work with a partner to complete this experiment.  You and your partner will be answering the question, "What do plants need to survive  so be sure to keep this question in mind as you are working.  You have five important steps to follow. 

1. Resources

Science Journal: You and your partner must make sure that you each have a science journal in order to complete this experiment.  You will need to record your observations daily ( remember observation is our wow word that we learned. Observation means what you see) 

-Since you are finding out the things plants need to survive, you will have other "mystery" resources that you must have to complete the assignment. I can not wait to see what they are. 

-Your handwriting must be neat so be sure that you follow our head-line, mid-line, base-line rules of writing. We are preparing to be first graders by working on the core value, excellence. Make sure you show excellence.

-Both of you must turn in a journal in order to receive full credit.  I will check journals on Fridays to make sure that you are doing your daily observations. 

2. Observations 

You should observe your plant two times each day. Your observation should tell what your plant looked like. It does not matter what time you observe your plant,  but be sure to record the times you observe it. We have been working on telling time so you should be fine. * Note: It may help if you observe the plant in the morning and evening.  You and your partner should talk about it. 

Do not forget to write the day and time at the top of the paper. For example: Wednesday 8:30      1:30 

3. Care

Be sure to record in your journal everything you did/used to care for your plant.  

4. Presentation
Bring your plant and journals to class and be prepared  present your project to the class.  Be sure to answer the questions, "What do plants need to survive?' Tell why the plant needs these things to survive. You and your partner must share.  Speak confidently. You can do it!


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