Alternative Energy Sources



You will be  placed in a group of eight students on Day 1.  Each student will be assigned to one of eight groups: Natural Gas Advocates, Solar Advocates, BioFuel Advocates, Wind Energy Advocates, Nuclear Advocates, Geothermal Advocates, Hydroelectric Advocates, and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Advocates. your type of  energy.  Each group  member will share this information with the other members of the group. A master list will be complied.     (This component should be shown to the teacher prior to end of Day 1). 

On Day 2 & 3,  the groups will be reorganized so the members of each group work together (all the solar advocates, etc...).  The group will make a public service announcement.  This can take the form of a brochure, a poster or a video (other options like a Prezie must be approved by the teacher prior to beginning work).  The public service announcement must contain a catchy slogan.  It must have a description of how the fuel source works (example: how a solar cell works).  It should include 4 advantages of this power source over traditional fossil fuels.  It should also include 4 piece of statistical data to back up your facts.  It should also include four sources (you may count the Introduction to Energy source and your specific energy source listed below as two of the four).   The public service announcement should also include an illustration that is relevant to your topic.  You will also be preparing for your oral presentation. 

On Day 4, your group will present to the fictitious company to EnergyRUS, why they should give a $500,000 grant to study and further the use of your type of energy.  This will be a 10 minute presentation.  You will need a visual aid that should be in addition to your public service announcement.  Your presentation should included why your form of energy is the best.  It should briefly describe the technology (this is where your visual aid would be handy).  In addition to collaborating with your peers, content, your visual aid and comprehension; you will also be graded on your presentation skills including preparedness, enthusiasm, speaking clearly, and posture and eye contact.  After your presentation, you should be prepared to answer questions for 2 minutes from the other groups. 


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