The Renaissance Era and Leonardo da Vinci



Phase I - Explore the following sites for images and information regarding the life of Leonardo da Vinci:  

Leonardo the Genius - http://www.davincithegenius.com/

Phase II - You will use the images from these sites to create a 12 page presentation using a Web 2.0 tool, such as Prezi.  The slides should include the following:

  • Title page (1 slide)
  • Introduction (1 slide)
  • Early Childhood (1 slide)
  • Da Vinci's philosophy about True Science (1 slide)
  • Da Vinci the Inventor (2 slides - Identify two inventions providing an image)
  • Areas of Expertise (2 slides - Choose any two areas)
  • Information You Did Not Know About Da Vinci (2 slides)
  • Conclusion (1 slide)
  • Reference Page (1 slide - APA formatted)
Include graphic images in your presentation.  

Phase III - Create your video, upload to YouTube, and post URL link in "WebQuest Link" in Blackboard.  View other student videos and provide feedback.  

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