Unit 11: The Cold War




STEP 1: Go to GOOGLE DRIVE--> 4th Quarter--> UNIT 11--> CREATE a DOCUMENT name it Cold War Map

STEP 2: Introduction- The Cold War was a post-World War II ideological struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union that helped shape the world we live in today. In the battle to become the dominant superpower in the world, the two big powers set their sights on what became known during the Cold War as the Third World -that is, colonial or newly-independent countries that
might be subjected to political and economic domination or influence. The United States' and the Soviet Union's battle for the hearts and minds of people who were not yet committed to either power's ideology had a large impact on political, cultural, and economic developments throughout the Third World.

This map contains alliances of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, BUT it is incomplete.  It does not provide information on the INFLUENCE of the United States and the Soviet Union on non-allied countries.  You are going to complete the map by labeling and annotating information about THIRD WORLD countries that were influenced by the Soviet Union and/0r the United States.

You will work as a group to complete the annotations for the map. (Here is an example of a student created map)

STEP 5: Once you have finished your ANNOTATED MAP, take a PHOTOGRAPH and upload to your UNIT 11 Folder.  Save it as COLD WAR MAP.  Be sure each person in your group has a copy of the map in their folder (each person take a photo with your phone, or share one photo among the group)

STEP 6: Be prepared to SHARE your map, and compare it with the maps of the other groups.


How did the opposing ideologies of the United States and the Soviet Union affect political, cultural, and economic developments in the Third World?

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