Unit 9: Between The Wars


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STEP 1: Open your GOOGLE DRIVE -->3rd Quarter Folder-->Unit 8--> CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it GREAT DEPRESSION

STEP 2: Look at these PHOTOGRAPHS and answer the questions that follow for EACH PHOTO:

                     PHOTOGRAPH 1              PHOTOGRAPH 2                 PHOTOGRAPH 3

 What is happening in the photo?

 Where was the photo taken?

When was the photo taken?

STEP 3: DISCUSS in your groups, What was the Great Depression?

BIG IDEA/QUESTION: There were many causes of the Great Depression, which cause was the MOST responsible?

STEP 4- You will be working with your GROUP on this activity.  Each group will be responsible for reading, and finding information about their assigned CAUSE of the GREAT DEPRESSION. 

STEP 5- RESEARCH- Each person will do this part on their own.  Take notes from the RESOURCES that are provided for your group.

Group D- Protectionism 

STEP 6- DISCUSS your findings with the GROUP.  Then CREATE an EXPLANATION of your cause for the CLASS, as well as an argument for why THIS particular CAUSE was most responsible for the Great Depression.  This part is COLLABORATIVE and everyone must participate.  All members must contribute to the debate.

STEP 7- PRESENT TO THE CLASS- Take notes from each presentation in the Great Depression DOCUMENT.


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