Question 1: How many yard equal a mile?
A: 1060
B: 1670
C: 1760 
D: 1770
Question 2: How many grams are in a kilogram?
A. 10 grams
B. 100 grams
C: 1000 grams 
D: 1500 grams 
Question 3: What are the customary units of capacity? 
A: cups, liters, milliliters, miles
B: milliliters, liters 
C: Gallon ,Quart, cups, pints
D: kilograms, grams, Inches
Question 4: What is the boiling point in Fahrenheit?
A: 100 degrees F
B: 212 degrees C
C: 100 degrees C
D: 212 degrees F
Question 5: What does elapsed time mean?
A: Time
B: The time that has passed by
C: The leftover time
D: The amount of time someone has to do something

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