What do you want to do when you grow up?




Okay, let's pack a suitcase first. Remember we have limited space on the airplane. Scarcity means that we cannot take everything we want.Think about what you really need to take because you can only take 5 personal items. Write these down on a piece of paper.

Check out the many interesting jobs available using the following link:


Read the job descriptions and skills needed for the ones you like.

Select three that seem the most interesting and answer the questions about them on the attached job information worksheet and print it.

Before you make up your mind go into some of the websites listed below and find out about other jobs that might not be on the list.





Now the hard part: you must make up your mind. Choose the one job you want and on the attached journal worksheet write a journal entry about your dream job experience at Fantasy Island. You will print this as well.

If you are finished all three papers will be turned in to me for grading according to the rubric. The rubric is located under the evaluation tab. Print this out as well and use to guide your work.

Be prepared to share your experience with the class.



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