Pollution and Global Warming.



Step 1:  Introdution and discussion: As a class, we will read about, view videos on, and discuss the different forms of pollution and contamination and compare real-stadistics of pollution in our world.  Students will take notes (written or typed) and write responses to at least 5 specific questions about what generate pollution.  Journal responses and reactions will be discussed in small groups.

Journal/Discussion Questions: 1. What is the difference between pollution and contamination? 2.  What are you doing to reduce pollution and contaminaton? 3.  Who, do you think is more responsible for pollution, individual people or the government? Explain. 4. Do you know about any anti-pollution programs in your community? 5. Discribe a place or site that you consider is contaminated.

Step 2:  Research: You will view a series of videos, explore websites, and read online articles and blogs about origens, causes, effects, statistics, investigations of pollution and contamination (see resources/links below). Citing reliable sources, you will complete at least 20 notecards providing key points or concepts based on your research.

Step 3:  Presentation: In small  groups, you will complete a final presentation (an informative video, poster, pamphlet, PowerPoint, or webpage) educating and cautioning  your classmates, schoolmates, other teens, and/or the general public against the growing dangers of pollution and global warming and the need for stricter policies to prevent them. 

Step 4:  Letter-Writing Campaign: Using formal language, the standards of written English, and the knowledge and insight you've gained during the research process, you will compose a letter to a real-life authority figure or stakeholder (the President, a judge, a lawmaker, a social networking website executive) persuading them to establish litter laws in order to penalize industries and people who damage the environment.


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