水循環:水從何而來?The Water Cycle: Where does the water come from?



WebQuest是由老師創建的一步一步的活動,可幫助您了解有關特定主題的更多信息。在接下來的幾個星期裡,我們將學習水循環,這個WebQuest旨在讓您有機會按自己的步調學習和研究信息。而為了完成這個WebQuest並獲得有關水循環的足夠知識,你將需要完成某些任務;根據你使用這個WebQuest後對於主題的理解,你會設計有關“在家裡節約用水的好建議”的海報 。

A WebQuest is a step by step activity created by your teachers to help you learn more about a given topic. Over the next couple weeks, we will be learning about the Water Cycle. This WebQuest is designed to give you the opportunity to learn and research information at your own pace. There will be certain tasks that you need to complete in order to finish this WebQuest and to gain a sufficient knowledge on the topic of the Water Cycle. Base on your understanding after using this WebQuest, you will design your poster with good suggestions on saving water at home.

我們從一些基礎知識開始。Let's start with some basic knowledge.

水循環-美國地質調查局水科學學院 The water cycle -USGS Water Science School

水循環視頻 The water cycle Video

節省用水的技巧 Water Saving Tips

在家保存食水的不同方法 Different Ways to Conserve Water at Home

現在讓我們來看看香港的情況 Now, let's look into the situation in Hong Kong.

香港的水資源保護Water Conservation in Hong Kong

水務署:從源頭到水龍頭 Hong Kong Water Supply Department: From Source to Tap

查看以上的資料後,你應該有很多想法來創作你的海報。 這裡有些有趣的網站能幫助你完成有關水循環的海報,請訪問下面的鏈接以開始你的項目。另外,請在開始設計之前檢查評分準則。希望你能享受你的學習,玩得開心!  You should have lots of ideas to create your poster after viewing the information provided above. Here are some interesting websites that will help you come up with your poster about the water cycle. Please check the evaluation criteria before you start your design. Access the links below to get you started on your project. Enjoy your learning! Have Fun!

顯示水循環 The Water Cycle Revealed

初學者的海報設計技巧 Poster Design Tips for Beginners

你的任務 Your Task:

設計一個海報或是小冊子以說明水循環,請確保它能講解有關水循環的全部。 To create a poster or a brochure that explains the water cycle. Be sure to explain all parts of the Water Cycle.

一些小技巧 Some Tips:

為了讓你創作的海報更具組織性和吸引力, 你可以使用各種工具來協助你,例如: In order to create your poster more organize and attractive,  you could use a variety of tools to assist you. For Example,

1. WebQuest上的鏈接 the links on the WebQuest

2. 利用google搜尋圖片以傳遞想法 search Google for picture ideas

3. 你的教科書 your textbook

4. 你的筆記 your notes

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  • 水循環活動
    Description: 請嘗試在WebQuest利用以上提供的資料回答全部問題。 Try to answer all the questions with the information provided on this WebQuest.

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