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Each team will have four students. Each student will be the "editor" of his or her section. 

Responsiblities of Each Editor:  Research and write about the following

1.  Orgins:  Research and write about the origins of Islam.  Talk about the geography, the people, and how the religion began.

2.  Founder:  Research and write about Muhammed.

3.  Principles:  Research the following:

A)  Is this religion monotheistic or polytheistic?

B) Amongst the world's religions, what rank is Islam?

C)Who is Allah?

D) Who is Muhammed and what relationship does he have with Allah?

E)What is the Holy Book?

F)What does Islam teach about Allah's relationship with man?

G)Explain the Five Pillars of Islam in detail.

4.  Diffusion:  Research and write about the diffusion of Islam.  How did the relgion spread?  Write about how the religion spread and the geographic areas that it spread through.

5.  All Editors will work together on a section comparing and contrasting Islam to Christianity, Islam to Judaism, Islam to Hinduism, Islam to Confucianism, and Islam to Taoism.

Each editor is responsible for his or her own section.  Section five of the newspaper will be researched and written as a team.

For each of your sections, you may choose to have some articles.  There should be a feature article as the main article on the front page with a headline.  You may have other minor articles on the front page with subheadings.

Some of your other sections could be cartoons, timelines, mock interviews with Muhammed, or pictures with captions.

Remember, that as the editor of your section, you are responsible for making this newspaper as informative as possible for the readers.

In addition to the websites below, you may use your textbooks and other sources available in the classroom to complete your assignment.


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