Intersections: Life, Art, Connection



STEP 1: Use the resources provided about each artist to help in your research.
               (Each artist has their own tab in this web quest full of resources.  Feel free to use others you may find in addition to those listed).

Using the information from your research create a mind map that helps illustrate how these artists intersected each other.

STEP 3: Using the information from your mind map, find a common theme or thread that will run through your digital exhibit and illustrating the way that the lives, works, experiences...etc. of these artists of intersected each other.

STEP 4: Select three to five pieces of art to include in your digital exhibit that will help illustrate these intersections/connections between the artists.

STEP 5: Create a narrative that helps explain the connections between these artists.


Web Link

Web Link
  • Google Drive Version of Museum Template
    Description: This is the Power Point Museum Template already uploaded to Google Drive. You can work on it with members of a team at the same time when you have it uploaded to Google Drive.

Web Link
  • Google Drive
    Description: This is a great tool similar to Power Point that would allow you to create a digital exhibit.

    Description: Use this template to create your virtual museum. You may then upload it to Google Drive for public (and teacher) access.

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